Talking Hands Award

Award Background

The Talking Hands Website Award was established on a Unix main frame in 1986 to honor my father's mother who taught me ASL at an early age and to provide resources as our family searched for information about morphea. The award design was originally an animation which spelled talking hands award in ASL. The mission statement below has not changed.

Talking Hands Award Honoree News

Talking Hands Award Honorees News

Written words possess an indefinable hidden power, and teaching that passed directly from the hand of a writer into the mind and soul of a reader is more impressive than any other. Find out how some of we older citizens, try ways to publicize.  The good works and words. Of those who have earned our web site awards. Here!

Mission Statement or Purpose of The Award

Our singular purpose is to reward web site authors, who through their creative excellence provide a web site which teaches, contains teaching elements in sufficient detail, and otherwise leaves a visitor with something of significant value after returning to their normal daily activities, which will enable them to be better citizens of the world.

So What is This About?

Our award program is a natural result of founding, although different paths are taken by others in their award programs.  The sections of Talking Hands award are  briefly explained below.  Further details are found from the left side navigation.

Criteria, Evaluation and Judging: In this section you will find that the process we follow is fourfold and involves a number of people which insures that only worthwhile teaching and learning resources are included under the teaching objective which they excell. The educational value is in the symbolism of the award-what it represents to those who are able and those who are disABLED and the additional learning and teaching information contained within our website which was developed in an effort to assist in building websites which are accessible to everyone.

Stipulations: Building an excellent teaching and learning resource which is accessible to everyone, no matter what their abilities or disABILITIES and evaluating the website requires information and considerations which are contained in this section.

Award Honoree's: The honoree's have been listed under primary teaching objectives from a list which has undergone only a few changes. A visitor may find outstanding example's within the various categories of teaching and learning excellence.

Participation: Do you know of a teaching and learning web site creation which leave's a visitor with something of significant value upon returning to their normal daily activities? Then you are encouraged to submit an application through the on line forms (form1) or (form2) which also requires a fifty word or less citation and at least one more nomination. You may also use the score sheet if you prefer, which contains certain advantages. (Score Sheet).

The Road to Harmony: After reading through the award criteria and other sections of our Talking Hands Award, you may wish to take this quiz to test your understanding.


Since 1986 persons involved with the Talking Hands Award have offered a complete web site review and revisions over the years have kept pace with a dynamic World Wide Web, changing technology and adoption of modern techniques, such as our Web Site Review Rubric.

For a thorough web site review we only ask that you comply with our modest requirements for web sites which will be reviewed, make an application, complete the score sheet if you desire, grant us permission to display a screen shot of your web presence and publication of a laudation too.

The Talking Hands Award group is a member of several organizations who offer web site review services, all free of charge. Please refer to our membership section for details.

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