USDA Forest Service-Celebrating Wildflowers-Presented 261206

USDA Forest Service Celebrating Wildflowers-Presented 261206

An interesting web site immediately upon entering. The USDA Forest Service have taken their subject, which is a serious one, and applied it across the board for novice and experienced gardeners, children (where much fun is provided through games, art work and activities), nature lovers and have provided a quality listing of teacher resources. An excellent learning tool which held my interest from one page to the next leaving me wanting to know even more and with a heightened appreciation of Wildflowers. Reviewer R. S.

The eye popping graphics caught my attention immediately and they are done with taste. I was excited to read the introduction and happy to look through all the informative reads about plants and our outdoors. The photos gave a warm and wonderful feeling expressing the beauty of the places and the wild flowers to be adored. This site is an amazing attribute to taking care of our nature with great information, wonderful photographs, activities for everyone including children and teachers. What a grand place to bookmark as a tool for learning about wild flowers. A charming and beautiful Talking Hands nominee.

I especially enjoyed the Ethics and Native Plants, where I am reminded that when blessed enough to find a blooming meadow, only sit and bask in it's beauty. Picking the lovely gifts of nature is only robbing God's art of future paintings. Even if one should dig up the entire plant with root intact, this will only conflict the reproduction cycle and will be bothersome to not only the meadow and flower itself but to all that the flower feeds and would future pollinate. Reviewer: S. J.

WAI Compliant

Key teaching element: Environmental.

The USDA Forestry-Celebrating Wildflowers is our 2006 Annual Award Honoree.

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