Legends of Tuskegee -Presented 240924

Screen shot-Legends of TuskegeeAs a little white boy growing up in the deep south shortly after World War II, race relations were such that "the races" did not mingle, except that our town of Mobile, Alabama was experiencing explosive grown as veterans were returning and it was not uncommon to have neighborhoods of all races.

Therefore it would not be so uncommon for me to have as a childhood hero, George Washington Carver. So when nominations began to accumulate for Legends of Tuskegee, our reviewers and judges agreed that the web site should receive the Talking Hands Award, I asked to do this laudation, with a picture in my mind of a great teacher and scientist who helped lift all southern people out of poverty along with his mentor Booker T. Washington and as a plane flew overhead thinking that the spirit of the Tuskegee airmen was in the cockpit.

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Reviewer, R. D. L.

Key teaching element: Children-Heros and Heroines.

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