American Museum of Natural History -Presented 240903

Screen shot-New York Historical Society-Alexander Hamilton

Two of my grand children and I visited the American Museum of Natural History this week online. As the web site was brought up in the browser, I did not know what reaction if any four year old Madison and 10 year old Drew would have, but Madison's squealing reaction to the blue frog, then Drew's "bugged eyes" and mouth flying open, left no doubt that this would be a delightful and educational venture. We listened to the frog sounds, looked at the varied frogs in their colored coats, ran the frog cam several times and had fun with the frog fun facts.

Some of the other exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History were visited too. The butterfly conservatory and totems to turquoise lit up the eyes of our grand daughter, while our grand son echoed heart felt feelings about Art For Heart and asked questions galore about Vital Variety, then it was time for bed, because their mother has now called three times.

Shame on grand pop for keeping the children up so late and on a school night. The visit should have been planned for a week end. But we shall return to also visit the Seasons of Life and Land and Art In Nature.

Reviewer, R. D. L. and grandchildren

Key teaching element: Visual Delights.

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