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"I have been trying to include training in disability considerations for the last two year -- and think I'm having some success. But, since I start with a new and green group of students each year and have to start at the beginning of everything with them, I'm not universally successful in getting their sites to compliance." Alan B. Howard, quote.

The web site has been online for four years, as of this review date and includes excellent material from the American Studies Masters Program at the University of Virginia.  The hypertext inclusions adapt to screen readers and non graphic browsers. The uniform navigation provides ease of access to a massive web site, written by students and administered by Mr. Howard. An online search engine provides yet another excellent tool of the web site.

The annotated directory of resources or "yellow pages" provides useful and relevant links for Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Literature, Philosophy and Religion, Popular Culture, The Social Sciences, and Science and Technology.  However, I found a wealth of information contained within the web site and only upon occasion ventured "outside."

The web site is a historians paradise and will certainly encourage any young person who has even a remote interest in American Studies to pursue a masters degree in an important area of American life.

Reviewer, E. H., Historian

Key teaching element: History.

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