Talking Hands Award.

2004 Talking Hands Award -First Quarter


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University of Minnesota Duluth-Web Design References is our First Quarter, 2004 honoree, which was selected by a vote of peers shown below.

2004 Honorees First Quarter
Honoree Date Presented   Laudation
Zen Garden
240101 One.
A-Prompt Project 240101 Two.
Dave Raggett 240117 Three.
Ethics Videos 240125 Four.
Book Browse 240129 Five.
Alcazarén 240207 Six.
National Maritime Museum 240210 Seven.
Vindolanda Tablets Online 240212 Eight.
Atapuerca 240214 Nine.
Mardiros-Internet Marketing 240220 Ten.
Cool Schools 240222 Eleven.
Assess Risk 240315 Twelve.
Web Standards Group 240321 Thirteen.
University of Minnesota Duluth-Web Design References 240322 Fourteen.
Information Architecture For The Web 240325 Fifteen.


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